Jean Burlingame, figurative/landscape artist

My work focuses on the internal “story” in one’s mind in opposition with struggles with the external environment. By taking a snapshot in time, and then painting it, the actual painting process reveals internal feelings and thoughts, or a false narrative.

My interest lies in the balancing act between discrete, private sentiments, external influences and the conflict in authenticity.

Internal thoughts can either contradict or be mirrored in our body language. In addition, the female pose can expose inner conflict. Women are often self-silenced, yet not in our expression. Fleeting thoughts and emotions that are random, and most often not acceptable as a public revelation. Because of this “suppression” of sensations and thoughts, and the struggle with internal and external intonation, it creates a hypercritical commentary.

The delicate balancing act can also be a harsh reality. We believe that what we are willing to reveal is ours to control, yet the extranidal forces can overwhelm. Therefore, Conflicting thoughts and experiences often change direction. Subtle sensations have an effect on an outward poise. Thus, any masquerade we design to protect us ultimately comes under scrutiny, forcing an imposition on what is happening in the mind, and is, sometimes out of our control. It is then that we put on the “act”. The performance is either real or genuine. Posed or captured.

In essence, using the female subject for the study of private moments in time, painting has brought to light a new dilemma. The ability to conceal vs an unfeigned, raw moment in time amidst the outside burdens of our lives.

Gallery Exhibitions

State of the Art Gallery

Leidenfrost Vineyards

San Diego Museum of Art

Romona Hotel Gallery

Rude and Bold Women

Aveda Acacia

Orion Salon

Lost Dog Cafe

Roberson Museum (current)

Exhibizone True Beauty International Online Exhibit